I have just three things to say about the EVO.  O…M…G…!  This phone, if you want to call it that  (that is like calling the QE 2 a “boat”), is simply unbelievable. 

I got mine two days ago after searching three continents to find one, just kidding, it was only two.  Seriously though, take the iPhone, add mobile WiFi  hotspot capability (up to 8 WiFi devices can connect through the phone’s built-in mobile broadband router), a great 4G network, Flash capability, huge screen, an open source OS, Google innovation and you can shoot your “Stevie phone” and bury it.  I used the phone as a router and connected three home laptops to it on the 4G and they ran almost as fast as the HS cable and N router!  The monthly fees are expensive for the “works”, but Sprint has some great discounts available for certain employers.  I’m paying about $80 per month for “the works” and love every second of it.  The EVO is now the benchmark against which all others will be compared.  And yes, I am an “Apple hater.”  I will never own one of their “i” products.  I don’t like Steve Jobs telling me when and where to buy my music, what apps I can use, and which WAY overpriced accessories I have to buy for their WAY overpriced gadgets.