Well, it is way too early to tell, but one thing is certain.  Apple is happy being a niche player and their cult-like devotees who think they are über cool for owning an Apple product will keep them viable, but just as the Mac computer and OS has gained insignificant market penetration, especially within the Enterprise environment, their ultimate position within the smartphone universe will  probably be the same.

There will always be the Steve Jobs sycophants who keep shelling out ridiculous amounts of dollars for products that all other competitors can make better and less expensively.  Take HTC for example. The EVO absolutely buries the iPhone in terms of features and performance and is much less expensive.  HTC is just one of a myriad group of companies snapping at Apple’s heals.  It is just a matter of time before the “i” product universe is caught and trampled underfoot, leaving only the insecure minority to cling to demigod Stevie and their ego boosting Apple emblems on their overpriced gadgets.  The sheer volume of products out there to be offered will eventually overwhelm any current market share dominance Apple has in the smartphone arena.

Open source platforms are always the better choice because they breed innovation, innovation  breeds competition and competition lowers prices .  Jobs is a control freak, yet admittedly a marketing genius at the same time.  He has positioned Apple products as the elite brand, such as a Mercedes Benz which you will pay dearly for, but in reality when you lift up the hood, the Hyundai Genesis is every bit as good.  Likewise, PCs and other open source form factor gadgets are just as good, if not better, cost less and you don’t have the manufacturer holding you hostage in their “ecosystem.”

What a joy it was yesterday to go home and download music from eMusic, save to a file, mount my EVO as a disk drive and then drag and drop my music into the music file on my phone.  Two minutes, no iTunes, no special software, no hassle, no overpriced “icrap!”  And, surprise, surprise, it worked seamlessly.  Let the Apple fan boys carp about “quality and consistency” all they want.  Mixed in with your computer classes you should have taken some business classes as well.  Anything that sucks will be flushed out of the market anyway.  Headaches along the way?  Probably, but well worth not being raped on price and dictated to by Heir Jobs.

So, flash your little Apple emblem around and feel just special about it.  I will take my HTC EVO 4G, connect my eights friends to the internet in the middle of nowhere and enjoy my Flash videos all at the same time.  Oh, and by the way, I even have some money left over.