Sounds impressive doesn’t it?  Kinda causes a Chris Matthewsesque shiver to shoot down your leg if you are an Apple fan boy.   Well, from one geek to another, you should have had some business classes along with your computer classes.  Apple simply has a larger market capitalization value, which means total number of outstanding shares of stock times the price, than Microsoft.  This phenomenon is based simply on all the stock traders getting all geeked about the iPad and iPhone 4 roll out and speculating on the stock.  It says nothing about how many computers they sell or their market share, which remains at an embarrassing 3.6% of worldwide computer sales!  So, all you Kool-Aid drinking Jobaniacs take a deep breath.  It is really not that big of a deal.  When I see the headline “Apple now world’s largest computer seller based on units sold” or “Apple OSx now commands 95% market share among computer users”, I may tip my hat to Heir Jobs.  Until such time, go take out another loan to buy your next overpriced iGadget.