Shocknet Computer Repair and IT Solutions in the Charlotte area offers reasonable and competent repairs and IT services.

The computer repair and IT service- for- hire business seems to be dominated by three kinds of people.  One, a computer exec that lost his/her job and thinks he/she is worth $100 per hour.  Two, some geek who has played with computers for a while and thinks they are IT techs and third, the “big box” retail services such as Staples and Best Buy.  Their services are  always going to cost more because you are paying for the fancy little cars and mass ad campaigns they run.  All that is figured into their service prices.   The ex-executive may get your computer fixed, but for a $300 dollar service bill you might as well just go buy a new computer.  The geek probably has no idea how to fix advanced problems so the mantra from them is “let’s just wipe the hard drive and start over.”  Great for them because it is easy, but you lost all your data and have to reinstall all your apps.  At Shocknet Computer Repair and IT Solutions we are all certified by Microsoft and CompTIA.  In short, we know what we are doing and can do it reasonably.  Our rates are very straight forward and you will not be gouged on parts because we do not make money on them.  Call us today at 704-771-2842 or visit our website.