Most people have the mistaken notion that once a laptop screen cracks that the computer becomes an expensive door-stop. The good news…not so.  We can usually replace the screen from anywhere between $95 and $180 depending on size, type and resolution… We just need to know the exact make and full model number of the laptop and so we can order the right screen and then install it within 24 hours.  If the screen is not cracked, yet you cannot see anything on the screen, then several things may be wrong.  Plug an external monitor into the VGA port on the laptop and toggle the screen from on-board screen to external using the “fn” key held down and the corresponding “f1-f12” key that has a pic of monitors on it.  Generally, if the external monitor lights and has graphics then the graphics card is probably OK.   If you can faintly see graphics on the laptop screen when you shine a light into it then three things could be wrong.  It could be a bad LCD backlight, inverter module or motherboard issue with power not getting to the inverter.   Most of the time it is a bad LCD backlight, which is fixable by replacing the LCD screen.  So, take a deep breath, call ShockNet Computer Repair Charlotte and we can have you back up and running in no time.  Peace!