Like the rest of you who rely heavily on your smart phones, my HTC EVO is my life blood.  The other day it stopped charging unless I moved the charging cord to the exact angle to keep the light on.  As I watched the battery meter drop precipitously toward zero my blood pressure rose accordingly.  The problem is typically a bad charging cable, or more troublesome, the DC jack soldered to the motherboard has come loose.  At that point, most people opt for tossing the phone.  Here is a better idea that I myself have taken advantage of.  First, buy another battery or two from eBay, Amazon…  They run about $16-25 and buy a wall charging unit.  Charge one battery completely and throw it in the phone, have another in the wall charger waiting to be swapped and voila no more panic attacks over the battery and figuring out what to sit on the cord to keep it charging!  Peace.