MS has long been dominant in the OS market and productivity market with Office.  They have finally made large strides in the gaming console market with Xbox.  Sadly, like the Zune and the Kin, Bing has been a huge flop trying to compete with Google, and IE is looked upon by the under-thirty crowd as “your Dad’s Buick” compared to Firefox and Chrome jus because the word “Microsoft” is attached to it.  The two areas that are most important moving forward are cloud computing and the mobile movement for tabs and smartphones.  This week marks the beginning of an eight week-long cooperative ad campaign between AT&T, MS and Nokia to market the Windows Phone Lumia 900 (what a terrible name guys).  Gadget people like cool names that elicit feelings that something “other wordly” is in their hands.  The Galaxy, Droid, Droid X, HTC’s “One” (maybe a veiled reference to Neo in the Matrix)… accomplish that, but “Lumia?”  Sounds like “gloomia” or some old car name.  I would have named it the “Matrix Z” or “Deus X” and tied it in with the Matrix movie imagery somehow.    Have a guy holding the new phone dodging other phones in “bullet time.”  That would excite people, but “Lumia”…really?  Hell, have an Angry Birds Edition and contract Rovio to add a few new levels to Space only available in the WP app market.

If it flops, MS could be out of the US smartphone market. Right now Windows Phones only have about a 4% market share compared with Apple and Android devices.  To say it is an uphill battle is the understatement of the century.  It is akin to trying to climb Mt Everest with no oxygen and someone on your back.  I do like MS and their products.  I am an avowed PC guy, but I seriously do not think it is going to work.  They are proverbially a day late and a dollar short.  The ONLY thing that could sway consumers to buy the Lumia, other than a low price, would be some crazy spec list that is just irresistible and I have not seen it yet.  Single core processor, 720p resolution, only 65,000 apps?  Very unimpressive from a techno geek’s point of view.  It is all about the specs and the apps people!  My next phone will be an upgrade from my beloved HTC EVO to the HTC EVO One.  Why?  Because the specs rock and the Android app market is robust and I am not held captive by the Apple Nazis.  MS just doesn’t get it.

MS needed to launch the phone with free cloud storage (like DropBox) as a perk, full integration with Office,  a print driver that will work with the phone and select printers and a robust app market along with killer specs.  That may have tipped the scales, but I have not seen signs of such a thing.  I also believe that full cross-platform compatibility with Windows PCs, tabs and phones via Windows 8 should have all launched simultaneously.  That would seriously get my attention.  Unfortunately, I do not see it happening.  It will probably be a non-event.  Read more here: