The only place on earth I can think of where people will stand in line and pay money to get screwed is at a whore house.  But, the sad reality is that Apple iPhone cultists will do it as well.

The phones are simply over-hyped, over-priced, overly-controlled and usually playing catch-up to the hundreds of Android phones in the market place.  The “new” iPhone is 4G LTE, has a “big” screen, panoramic view camera… blah…blah…blah.  So do many Android based phones.  In fact, many of the Android phones have had all this for quite some time.

If everyone is truly honest with themselves, two facts are apparent.  One, earth-shattering improvements are not going to happen with smart phones.  They will be incremental and for the most part marketing gimmicks.  Who really gives a crap if your download speed was so two seconds faster than mine!  Two, Apple is a marketing machine with little concern for their customers.  They are strictly a micro-controlled tech manufacturing company trying to maximize profit at your expense.   Case-in-point, the new iFail has an “improved” connector, which is not backwards compatible with anything, but you sure can go and by a $29 adapter to make it work!  Nice.  A few million phones times $29, not a bad profit center for Apple.

It is all done purposely and people stand in line to get the backdoor job.  Apple is the master of “planned obsolescence.”  There is only one iPhone.  So, if you stick with that brand you are at their mercy as to what is included or not.  In the Android market, competition drives innovation much faster.  I have hundreds of choices. My HTC First Gen EVO was at the time, and still is by some measures, the best smartphone ever.  It had a big screen, 4G, 8mp camera, wifi hot spot… before Apple.  Apple’s business strategy almost assures playing catch up all the time and yet the devout actually have been convinced they are always on the cutting edge.  Sorry, that is nonsense.

Take Siri for example, that was supposed to be the greatest innovation since sliced bread.  Android has the same thing called Speaktoit, which runs circles around Siri.  I asked the same questions to Siri and Speaktoit and by far the Android assistant was more detailed and precise.

Oh, and iTunes?  Don’t even get me started on that!  It is the scourge of the earth.  I get all my music, cheaper and faster from Emusic, download it onto my Android, copy it where ever I want it to be with the hassles of syncing and reauthorizing…

What is my point in all this?  Simple, Apple is a case study in marketing genius and corporate greed, not so much technological revolution.  They have created an “exclusive” brand that makes people feel special about owning.

Go ahead and stand in line.  I will be at home with my Samsung GS feeling quite special thank you very much.  Oh, and sitting is not a problem after the purchase!