Well, Tim Cook laid it all out at his hour long talk during the Goldman Sachs Tech Conference today and it is more of the same dreck we have come to expect from these clowns.  The shear arrogance of Apple’s leadership is just amazing considering the truth behind the myth.  Their stock has crashed.  They only control about 14% of the PC market.  They only control about 18% of the smart phone market.  Their iPhones are constantly behind the innovation curve because there is only one of them released ever so often.  They gouge their customers constantly with planed obsolescence.  Contrary to popular belief, they did not invent the smartphone.  Palm and Blackberry were the pioneers, while Apple “invented” a better mouse trap, which has been eclipsed several times over by top end Androids like EVO and Galaxy…

They better pray to the tech gods that their “cool” factor does not wear off or that tablets are not just a passing fad.  They better get their heads out of their collective rectums and realize that today’s tech darling is tomorrow’s has-been.  Can someone say Atari, Sony, Blackberry?

Apple is a great marketing company.  They have positioned their products as “premium” and are happy to be a niche seller with relatively low market share, but a high margin.  That, I do not have a problem with.  What raises my ire is their delusional notion that they are above failure and they can do what they want, sue whom they wish, abuse their freakishly loyal customer base…with impunity.  Many companies that had that same self concept are now in the business grave yard.  Will Apple come crashing down soon?  No.  Will the luster wear off eventually?  Yes, and I cant wait to see Cook and company eat crow.  They obviously understand the “innovate or abdicate” concept, but they clearly do not grasp the “arrogance leads to attrition” concept.  As with everything Apple, iDon’tcare. http://www.shocknetcomputerrepair.com/