As round one ended, Microsoft was sitting in its proverbial corner beaten and bruised by the failure of Surface RT and what still seems to be a slow adoption of W8.  However, as round two has begun, Microsoft has come out swinging again with Surface Pro and a newly emerging form factor (actually and improvement on an old idea) known as the laptop/tablet hybrid or “convertible.”  Lenovo Yoga and Lynx, along with the Surface, seem to be the  dominant emerging form factor.  Take a super slim ultrabook and add a detachable screen/tablet and you have a fully functional laptop for business power users, gaming PC, or tablet for the casual web browser, e-mailer and E-book reader.  As I have said repeatedly, iPads are an expensive novelty and will prove to be a passing fad as I believe most tablets will be.  They absolutely suck for any type of hard core computing tasks.  Why would anyone with any brains want to buy a laptop for work and a tab for casual computing when you can combine the two?

This is leading to my point regarding Microsoft and W8.  Adoption is slow for W8 because no one really needs it right now.  That will all change moving forward if the convertible does in fact emerge as the most popular form factor.  Microsoft will then be positioned for a knock-out punch because not only the Surface will be running W8, but many other manufacturers machines as well including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus…  Microsoft and W8 could well be crowned champion at that point.  Sure, Apple will throw an iPad or Mac convertible out there, but will have little impact in the overall marketplace.  Once W8 is in full swing, many may opt to have that same cross-platform UI on all their devices, which could easily bump Windows Phones into respectable market share numbers.

The tech battle is an epic brawl that will go on for years and Microsoft has the deep pockets and patience to see the fruits of its labors come to fruition.  Ignore all the articles proclaiming the end of Microsoft…  They are positioned quite well all things considered.

Ding, Ding… see you for round three.