OK, I have spent a few months now with W8 on some of my own machines and have fixed many other W8 machines.  My impressions are a mixed bag.  I think the concept is good, but the initial execution is poor.

The omission of the start button and accompanying start menu is ludicrous.  You have to believe that a company the size of Microsoft would have brought in a few hundred people and focus group tested the product before release and discovered that most people want the traditional start/navigation at least as an option instead of being force-fed the new “modern” interface and/or traditional desktop sans start button.  I don’t know whether to label that stubbornness or stupidity,   Either way, it has given the OS a black eye.  I hear it constantly from clients.  We add Classic Start to all our client machines.  It seems that Lenovo has also flipped Microsoft the metaphorical bird by shipping all their new machines with a third party start button feature.  Rumor has it that MS will add the start button back with the 8.1 update, but still no navigation menu!  C’mon man!

I can truthfully say from the repair side of the equation, Windows 8 is a freaking nightmare!!  With no F8 safe mode option, Safe Boot/UEFI BIOS settings that make booting off of a CD nearly impossible and a “refresh” feature that works maybe fifty percent of the time, trying to repair W8 is about as easy as trying to get Congress to agree on anything.  I’m not a conspiratorialist, but it almost seems that MS does not want anyone working on the OS so that everyone will have to call them, which in turn creates another profit center for them.

Overall, I think it will be a good system once the proverbial bugs are worked out, but that may end up being another iteration of the OS in the way that W7 became what Vista was supposed to be.  Can anyone say Windows 9? http://www.shocknetcomputerrepair.com/