images    If you receive a phone call from “Microsoft”, “Dell”, “HP”… and someone says (usually with a foreign accent) “we have detected infections or multiple issues with your computer and we need to remote in to fix it for you”, hang up immediately! It is a scam. Microsoft NEVER, EVER calls anyone unsolicited, nor does any other company. This little scam has become big business and many people are plunking down $150-$450 a year for “tech support” packages. These scum bags do not know what they are doing and will only alter your registry files to create problems that did not previously exist, show you ridiculous normal system functions that they inform you are not normal or, worse, they will use a lock out password and then hold your computer data for ransom. There is a great detailed article here at Malwarebytes. Here are just a few helpful hints to avoid this nonsense.
1- Never let an unsolicited individual remote into your computer.
2- Hang up on anyone that calls from an unsolicited company telling you your computer is messed up.
3- NEVER randomly Google tech support for any company. Some examples would be “Microsoft tech support”, “Norton tech support”, “Dell tech support”, “Quickbooks tech support”… The chance of you hitting the real company support site is slim. In most cases you will get a hold of a third party company that is only interested in selling you a support package. These sites are known as phishing sites and the “techs” are terrible at everything except altering your registry to cause issues.
4- Don’t download any “Speed Up My Computer”, “Optimize My PC”, “Speed Up my Sucky Slow PC” or any other such programs. They often can contain malicious programs that can actually cause problems that they then conveniently supply a tech support line to call to “fix” the issue at a steep fee.
5- If you have been charged for unsolicited bogus support, immediately dispute the charge with your credit card company or bank and tell them you have fallen victim to “social engineering.”
Hope this helps. Call us if you need help. Peace.