The shopping season is upon us.  Along with all those great online purchases comes the subsequent shipping/delivery info.  The internet underbelly knows that most people shop online and are awaiting their shipments and will happily send out fake notificationphishing_graphic_sms from “UPS, FedEX…” stating that your package could not be delivered.  They want you to click the link for further information regarding the shipping problem with your purchase, which can then deliver their toxic payload to your computer infecting it with RATS, Lockers, Loggers…  Here’s a better option. If you get an email notice about shipping, ignore it and go directly to the site from which you made the purchase and check the shipping status there.

Let us get your computer in tip-top form so you don’t miss any of the big sales online. Our holiday tune-up special includes a free one year subscription to Avira anti virus for just $69! Drop in for the service or call for a remote session. Have a joyous holiday season.  Stop in or call ShockNet Computer Repair and Tech support in Charlotte, NC to schedule a remote session.  Have a joyous holiday season.  Peace.