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virtual-realityOK, so I went full-on geek and bought a Samsung Gear VR for Christmas.  Without making you read this whole post for my opinion of the device, here it is.  It is freaking awesome and for $100 there is no reason not to buy one except if you do not own a Samsung phone (it is only compatible with the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and Note 5).  Despite some inherent flaws in having a magnified phone screen strapped an inch from your eyes  causing a little fuzziness and a “screen door” effect, it is otherwise an amazing experience.  I have found that the more I use the device my brain is learning to look beyond the “screen door” pixelation issue.  Running through an Assassin’s Creed demo in full 3D/360 immersion dodging flying glass, knives and duck inducing mirror shards doesn’t suck!  It also doesn’t suck sitting in a virtual living room in a Swiss Chalet gazing at snow covered mountains through the window while a fire slowly crackles getting ready to watch Netflix on a wall-mounted virtual big screen TV from the comfort of a red leather couch.

The aforementioned “screen door” pixelation issue will be a non-issue once the new 4K rez screens hit smart phones this year.  The mobile VR experience will then be HD and clear. This is the future folks.  Just start thinking beyond the goofy looking headset strapped to some gamer geek’s head.  I won’t go into great detail about the device or experience itself.  There are myriad Youtube videos that do so.  I want to discuss the broader picture that is VR.  Is it a passing fad?  Is it only for Super Geeks?  I believe the answer is “no.”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first.  This is not Google Glass.  It is not meant to be worn while walking down Main Street or riding the subway anymore than your big-screen TV is meant to be used outside the home or a non-controlled environment.  This is an entertainment device not a fashion accessory and yes it will muss up your pretty hair do, but let’s face it, most times when we are “entertaining ourselves” it is after work, at night or the weekend and we are sitting around unshowered, in sweats with a bowl of Edy’s ice cream or a bag of Doritos looking a mess anyway.  So, goofy headset and mussed hair is not an argument against the device. After all, who years ago thought everyone would be walking around 24-7 with an electronic gadget glued to them as we now are with smart phones.  There were also naysayers years ago about a then nascent technology called the internet and now a short internet outage invokes chest- clutching spasms in all of us!  I’ve read arguments about being  “isolated” in the virtual world or being anti-social.  That is weak at best.  In this pressure-packed real world we live in, isolating one’s self is not an altogether bad thing to have the ability to do.  Escaping into a virtual world could actually be quite therapeutic.  The almost exponential rise in depression, anxiety and suicide in the past decade could be mitigated to a degree with the ability to “escape.”  In fact, there is already talk within certain medical circles about VR therapy for some mental disorders.  And, let’s be honest, if you are an introvert anyway, isolation is somewhat welcomed on a limited basis.  Will there be anecdotal stories of the kid who plays six hours a day on the device and loses touch with reality and flips out?  Of course, it happens with anything that is abused, but that does not invalidate the technology.

Here is my bigger picture regarding VR.  Like all technologies, it will improve in myriad ways over time.  The headsets will get thinner and lighter.  The mobile versions will have HD quality and there will be countless apps for them.  What I feel most strongly about though is not the physical form factor of the device, but rather the possible uses of VR beyond games and video.  Let’s consider some.

1- The obvious, fully immersive 360 gaming.

2- Hands-free voice controlled 360 web browsing.

3- Virtual traveling and tours.

4- Fully immersive 360 training guides (consider a trip through the human body for med students).

5- Immersive virtual 360 home tours for real estate agents.

6- Sporting and concert events live in 360 both paid and free.

7- Virtual recreational activities for the disabled.  Take a hike or skydive.

8- Experience things you would never try in the “real world” such as climbing Everest or bungee jumping.

9- Invite friends via their virtual device to hang in the “living room” and watch the latest DVD movie complete with custom avatars and audio communication in real time.

10- Autistic individuals thrive in the digital world.  The sky is the limit here.

This list is endless and is limited only by the imagination.  To the point, VR is the next wave and will probably be ranked right alongside the TV, internet and phone as one of the greatest tech inventions of all time.


The shopping season is upon us.  Along with all those great online purchases comes the subsequent shipping/delivery info.  The internet underbelly knows that most people shop online and are awaiting their shipments and will happily send out fake notificationphishing_graphic_sms from “UPS, FedEX…” stating that your package could not be delivered.  They want you to click the link for further information regarding the shipping problem with your purchase, which can then deliver their toxic payload to your computer infecting it with RATS, Lockers, Loggers…  Here’s a better option. If you get an email notice about shipping, ignore it and go directly to the site from which you made the purchase and check the shipping status there.

Let us get your computer in tip-top form so you don’t miss any of the big sales online. Our holiday tune-up special includes a free one year subscription to Avira anti virus for just $69! Drop in for the service or call for a remote session. Have a joyous holiday season.  Stop in or call ShockNet Computer Repair and Tech support in Charlotte, NC to schedule a remote session.  Have a joyous holiday season.  Peace.

images    If you receive a phone call from “Microsoft”, “Dell”, “HP”… and someone says (usually with a foreign accent) “we have detected infections or multiple issues with your computer and we need to remote in to fix it for you”, hang up immediately! It is a scam. Microsoft NEVER, EVER calls anyone unsolicited, nor does any other company. This little scam has become big business and many people are plunking down $150-$450 a year for “tech support” packages. These scum bags do not know what they are doing and will only alter your registry files to create problems that did not previously exist, show you ridiculous normal system functions that they inform you are not normal or, worse, they will use a lock out password and then hold your computer data for ransom. There is a great detailed article here at Malwarebytes. Here are just a few helpful hints to avoid this nonsense.
1- Never let an unsolicited individual remote into your computer.
2- Hang up on anyone that calls from an unsolicited company telling you your computer is messed up.
3- NEVER randomly Google tech support for any company. Some examples would be “Microsoft tech support”, “Norton tech support”, “Dell tech support”, “Quickbooks tech support”… The chance of you hitting the real company support site is slim. In most cases you will get a hold of a third party company that is only interested in selling you a support package. These sites are known as phishing sites and the “techs” are terrible at everything except altering your registry to cause issues.
4- Don’t download any “Speed Up My Computer”, “Optimize My PC”, “Speed Up my Sucky Slow PC” or any other such programs. They often can contain malicious programs that can actually cause problems that they then conveniently supply a tech support line to call to “fix” the issue at a steep fee.
5- If you have been charged for unsolicited bogus support, immediately dispute the charge with your credit card company or bank and tell them you have fallen victim to “social engineering.”
Hope this helps. Call us if you need help. Peace.



satya-nadella-just-launched-microsoft-into-a-new-16-trillion-market Well, at the end of round three, Microsoft was on the mat looking battered and bruised.  Surface RT was a disaster, Windows 8 was a disaster, 8.1 was better, but still not great, Surface Pro numbers were unimpressive.  In the interim, Ballmer was canned…uh…I mean… “resigned” and Nadella was named CEO, the 8.1.1 update was released along with Windows 10, Surface 2, 3, 4, 5 and Surface Book.  Whew, that was a mouthful.

Ding, ding…here we go. Microsoft comes out swinging after a much needed splash of cold water to the face and some smelling salts and they actually look pretty steady on their feet. Windows 8.1.1 is actually very good when combined with a third party “start button” such as Classic Start, but acceptance was low. Windows 10 is very good and brings back the more familiar UI with the start button combining it with the “live tile” feature of 8.   Surface Pros are winners in the “tab” genre because you can actually do something useful on them with a full OS and Office.  Nadella seems to be a visionary leader who wants a “one” Microsoft instead of the fractured mess Ballmer left behind.  Windows Phone has gained some market share and has added a respectable amount of apps to their market line-up yet remains an after-thought in the phone space.  Does this mean that Microsoft has shed their “your Dad’s old Buick” image among those under 35?  Not completely, but they are making big Continue reading

Image   Large numbers of Internet Explorer users could be affected by a security hole says Microsoft.  My suggestion?  Switch to Firefox or Chrome.

ImageWith Google Chrome now becoming the #1 browser of choice, it has also concomitantly become a huge target for malicious attacks.  One particularly nasty piece of Malware installs an extension on the browser that then funnels ads to you and also redirects searches.  It installs itself with “installed by enterprise policy” rights, which make it a monster to uninstall.  I like to give some DIY help usually, but if you have this in your Chrome browser, uninstalling it or using a restore point is not effective.  It is a pretty massive undertaking to remove.  We offer the removal service for $69.  Give us a call or jump on our web page to contact us.  Peace.

ImageOK, so here we are in March of 2014 and Windows 8/8.1 is still in a scrum with end users to be the new OS of choice.  Windows 8 was too unfamiliar.  Windows 8.1 fixed some things, but not well enough.  Now there is talk of Windows 9 in 2015.  Really?  How much money does Microsoft expect individuals, as well businesses, to shell out for operating systems to correct their mistakes?  I personally will not move beyond Windows 7 till this debacle is settled.  Look, this isn’t rocket science.  Give end users the choice.  Launch the OS in Metro/Modern/whatever-they -call -it -today -mode or legacy/familiar mode.  If I don’t have a touch screen computer and don’t want to fool with a new interface designed for touch then give me the option.  But here is a freakin’ word to Microsoft.  I am not buying another OS!!  Release Windows 9 as a free upgrade and stop the madness!  People are now sick of being bullied to spend money.  Round three…on the mat an bleeding…the count at 8.  Get up and do this right.

cryptolocker    Well, the “geniuses” that develop Malware have come up with a doozy this time.  If you get CryptoLocker. Locky, TeslCrypt… on your machine you are basically FUBARed.  This nice little piece of Malware encrypts most of your files (70 known file extensions) and has you pay a nice little two Bitcoin ( 1 Bitcoin is $823 USD at time of writing) ransom within 72 hours or the fee goes to ten Bitcoins in order to receive the decryption password.  Considering that Bitcoin hit a high last week of over $1000 real dollars per coin, you are looking at serious cash to get access to your files again.

If you contract this monster, you only have three possible non-pay choices, if it has not destroyed your shadow copy files.  One, run a restore point and pray it works. Two, right click the file you want to read and hit “properties” then “previous versions” and again pray to the computer gods that a shadow copy can be copied back. Three, upload the ransom text file and a sample file to have it identified and pray there is a decryption tool. Most of the new variants kill these two options though.  So, what do you do?  Either pony up the cash or lose your data.  The best minds in the business have no “fix” for this beast at present.

The Malware at present is mostly spread via bogus emails from a “bank”, “post office”, “FedEx”, “UPS”… notification you receive in your inbox.  Look for them and do not open them!  If this Malware does manage to spread to drive-by infected sites, like many other forms of Malware, the problem could quickly escalate to critical for most computer users.

The best “cure” is prevention. Back up your data to a NON-NETWORK device!  If this crap hits your machine, remove the virus and infected files and run your backup.  We at Computer Mekanix Charlotte can help if you need it.

ImageIf Windows 8 has you frustrated, some of your frustration may go away starting October 18.  Many consumer complaints will be addressed with the free update.  It will be available in the Windows Store for free download.  

My Take on Windows 8

OK, I have spent a few months now with W8 on some of my own machines and have fixed many other W8 machines.  My impressions are a mixed bag.  I think the concept is good, but the initial execution is poor.

The omission of the start button and accompanying start menu is ludicrous.  You have to believe that a company the size of Microsoft would have brought in a few hundred people and focus group tested the product before release and discovered that most people want the traditional start/navigation at least as an option instead of being force-fed the new “modern” interface and/or traditional desktop sans start button.  I don’t know whether to label that stubbornness or stupidity,   Either way, it has given the OS a black eye.  I hear it constantly from clients.  We add Classic Start to all our client machines.  It seems that Lenovo has also flipped Microsoft the metaphorical bird by shipping all their new machines with a third party start button feature.  Rumor has it that MS will add the start button back with the 8.1 update, but still no navigation menu!  C’mon man!

I can truthfully say from the repair side of the equation, Windows 8 is a freaking nightmare!!  With no F8 safe mode option, Safe Boot/UEFI BIOS settings that make booting off of a CD nearly impossible and a “refresh” feature that works maybe fifty percent of the time, trying to repair W8 is about as easy as trying to get Congress to agree on anything.  I’m not a conspiratorialist, but it almost seems that MS does not want anyone working on the OS so that everyone will have to call them, which in turn creates another profit center for them.

Overall, I think it will be a good system once the proverbial bugs are worked out, but that may end up being another iteration of the OS in the way that W7 became what Vista was supposed to be.  Can anyone say Windows 9?