ImageOK, so here we are in March of 2014 and Windows 8/8.1 is still in a scrum with end users to be the new OS of choice.  Windows 8 was too unfamiliar.  Windows 8.1 fixed some things, but not well enough.  Now there is talk of Windows 9 in 2015.  Really?  How much money does Microsoft expect individuals, as well businesses, to shell out for operating systems to correct their mistakes?  I personally will not move beyond Windows 7 till this debacle is settled.  Look, this isn’t rocket science.  Give end users the choice.  Launch the OS in Metro/Modern/whatever-they -call -it -today -mode or legacy/familiar mode.  If I don’t have a touch screen computer and don’t want to fool with a new interface designed for touch then give me the option.  But here is a freakin’ word to Microsoft.  I am not buying another OS!!  Release Windows 9 as a free upgrade and stop the madness!  People are now sick of being bullied to spend money.  Round three…on the mat an bleeding…the count at 8.  Get up and do this right.